03 April 2014

'Psychics' 'helped' search

'Psychics' 'helped' search

A pair of Stratford 'psychics' have attracted national media attention after it was revealed they were consulted in the search for a missing man. Donna and Alex Fairclough of Crystal Clear Healings in Stratford were approached by the family of Stephen Murphy after he went missing in September.

The 36-year-old man was found drowned in the Patea River.

Coroner Tim Scott's report about Murphy's death mentioned that the 'psychics' told Murphy's family to search in the park area and said their involvement provided an 'interesting' twist to an otherwise sad event. Since then the Faircloughs have been fielding calls from media and were interviewed for TV3's Paul Henry show.

Donna said she had used a pendulum on a map and 'connected' with Murphy to 'discover' where he was.

"We tuned into him like we tune into anyone's 'vibrations' that we are able to. Without doing that, we wouldn't have been able to find him."

She said it was 'too difficult to explain what that meant and it was a complex process'.

Donna said it was the first time they had 'worked' to find a missing person and they hadn't so much as seen a photo of him.

"I still don't know what he looked like."

She was pleased to have been able to 'help' with the search.

The pair offer a wide range of alternative 'therapies' which include herbal 'remedies', spiritual 'healing', colour and crystal 'therapy' and 'psychic' 'work'.

- Taranaki Daily News, 3 April 2014 

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