30 March 2014

Mt Kaukau sunrise (sort of)

This morning's spur-of-the-moment hill-climbing expedition was up Mt Kaukau (445m) to try to catch the sunrise. When I left home it was still dark, so I took the soft option of approaching the summit from Sirsi Terrace in Broadmeadows rather than the full gut-buster hike from the Khandallah pools further down. I reached the summit at 7.15am with the sky a dark blue and the stiff northerly breeze whistling through the struts of the giant transmission tower, and settled down on the viewing platform to wait for what I hoped would be a decent sunrise. It may well have been a good sunrise somewhere, but from the vantage of Mt Kaukau it turned out to be somewhat lacklustre due to the low clouds skimming the summit and the tops of the Rimutaka Range, where the sun rises over the city. I waited until nearly 8am in the hope that the cloud cover would clear, to no avail. Still, there was a glimpse of clear air near the heads, which afforded a view of reddening skies over Pencarrow Lighthouse. I'll just have to try again and hope for clearer weather.

Cattle at Mt Kaukau summit, 7.14am



Northeast view, 7.59am

On the way back down, 8.13am
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