13 April 2014

Breaking the glass ceiling

Susan Calman: What do you think, Holly?  Should there be more women in the Cabinet?

Holly Walsh: No. I think it's a blessed relief that just white men look after this country. Because I don't know about you, but I've got so much crocheting to get on with.

Susan: I'm just glad someone's got the courage to finally come out and say it, Holly. It's what all women have been thinking but none of us have been brave enough to say what you've just said.

Holly: In fact, none of us had the balls to say it.

Susan: ...that we're actually happy that there aren't as many women in government. Actually, I think there should be a ban on women in government.

Holly: You know what? When people talk about the glass ceiling, I don't want to break that. Because Muggins here is going to be the one to clean it up.

- The News Quiz, BBC Radio 4, 11 April 2014

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