24 April 2014

Somewhat proud to be British

Hugh Dennis: The results of [the British Social Attitudes Survey] were out this week, and showed that whereas in 2003, 43 percent of people said they were 'very proud' to be British, today only 35 percent of people do. Forty-seven percent of people said they were 'somewhat proud' to be British. Which is very British in itself. The phrase 'somewhat proud' seems to have come from a different era, the old days when the survey would've gone...

How proud are you to be British? Are you:

A. Somewhat proud.
B. Just a smidgen proud.
C. Terribly, terribly proud.
D. Dash it all, I'm not proud at all d'you hear - I'm not proud and I don't mind who knows it... I'm sorry, I've let everyone down.

- The Now Show, BBC Radio 4, 18 April 2014

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