26 April 2014

Count themselves richer for the playground

Below are some pictures from Auckland's Wintergarden in the Domain, taken on 20 April 2014. The Wintergarden was funded by the profits from the hugely successful Auckland Industrial, Agricultural and Mining Exhibition of 1913-14. Its twin glasshouse structures are the Cool House (1921) and the Tropical House (1929), joined by a sculpture garden featuring a long shallow pool. The opening of the Cool House on 12 October 1921 saw a speech from the Exhibition president (who was also the president of the Bank of New Zealand), George Elliot:
As Mr. Elliot recalled, the exhibition was distinguished by a degree of financial success that would have been remarkable in favourable circumstances, and was the more notable since it was achieved under serious disabilities. No better use could have been found for the profits than the extension of the pleasure grounds laid out for the exhibition, and for the erection of a permanent memorial of its success and a permanent improvement of the Domain such as the winter garden. Though Mr. Elliot is disposed to place a modest value on the fruits of the exhibition, the citizens of Auckland will count themselves richer for the playground it has given them (New Zealand Herald, 13 October 1921)

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