07 March 2014

'Do you know how popular I am?'

There's this obscure, little-known movie you might have heard of called The Breakfast Club, which naturally I had never seen until this evening. (Test me - I've actually seen almost no movies ever). I was hoping to glean a suitable 80s gem from the soundtrack for a Friday night music post, but as it happens aside from the ubiquitous hit Don't You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds, the soundtrack is almost entirely forgettable. Instead, let's relish some relatively amusing acting as the gang hoe into bad-boy Johnny's dope stash, with Anthony Michael Hall hamming it up massively, Molly Ringwald fairly bursting with smug self-satisfaction, and Judd Nelson thankfully shutting the hell up for the most part and just looking rather like a 24-and-a-half year old rather creepily hanging around with a bunch of teenagers. (Nelson was born in 1959 and is currently aged 54!). It's a fine and dandy slice of entertainment, but surely most right-thinking individuals would be of the opinion that Ally Sheedy looked way more interesting throughout the film before she got all dolled-up at the end?

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