21 March 2014

Phoenix City

This evening's film viewing encompassed Paul Morrison's 2003 film Wondrous Oblivion, a story set in south London in 1960, in which David, an 11-year-old Jewish boy who's mad about cricket, befriends a Jamaican family who move in next door. The film deals effectively with the prejudice of the neighbourhood against the newcomers, and features likeable performances, particularly by Delroy Lindo as Dennis Samuels, the neighbour who teaches young David how to play the game he loves. It's a sweet tale, and can also be recommended because good films about cricket are so scarce - the only other one I've heard good things about is the 2010 West Indies cricket legends documentary, Fire in Babylon - but I've yet to see that one.

In one party scene, David's mum Ruth (Emily Woof) accompanies Dennis to a West Indian dancehall where a band is playing the ska classic Phoenix City by the Ska-talites. It's a bit of a liberty to include this instrumental in a film set in 1960, because the Ska-talites weren't formed until May 1964, but no matter - it's a great track. Phoenix City is sometimes credited to Roland Alphonso, a member of the group who formed Roland Alphonso & the Soul Vendors when the Ska-talites split up in 1965.

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