13 February 2013

What would you expect from a Game of Thrones game?

This question, posed by Anthony Burch and answered by his sister Ashly Burch, features in one of many game-related comedy clips on Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin'? Can't say I've played Game of Thrones: The Game (...of Thrones...) but Ash is probably right when she sums it up. (NSFW-Language)

There's plenty of other clips on the Hey Ash website, among which my favourites include the malevolent Ash wreaking havoc on her brother's creations in Minecraft ('Best game evah!'), or wreaking havoc on her brother by nicking all his stuff in the style of Skyrim thievery. Yes, there seems to be a theme developing here. Apart from the entertaining comedy acting, there's also snippets of informed commentary on the games to boot, which is usually Anthony making pseudish utterances and then being roundly derided for it.

I first heard Ash in a clip someone cobbled together of a character she voices in the game Borderlands 2 - the anarchic teen sociopath Tiny Tina ('world's deadliest 13-year-old'), who is genuinely funny in a rather twisted way. This is rare for a game character, unfortunately. Incidentally, the game's creator was recently criticised for the language Tina uses. Can't really see a problem with it, personally, but then I have no idea how actual 13-year-olds talk, let alone ones in imaginary video game universes, so I'm probably not the world's greatest authority on the matter. In any case, I'd be surprised if someone doesn't pick up Ashly and her brother for bigger things in the near future.

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