19 February 2013

Ich bin ein Thorndonite

After having signed the agreement to buy an apartment way back at the end of August last year, today I finally settled the transaction and took vacant possession. Moving-in day to the Thorndon apartment is on Saturday. The length of time between agreement and settlement was due to the existing tenancy agreement, a fixed term lease that could not be broken. Fair enough, it's meant I've been able to enjoy the views from Highbury a while longer. This afternoon I collected the keys and went to do a quick inventory of the chattels. The view out the front windows is over the rail workshops and towards the Stadium; there's double-glazing so noise isn't a major concern.

As you can see, the cruise ships are parked nearby during the summer months. The one pictured is the Diamond Princess, which is 290 metres long, displaces 115,875 gross tons, carries a maximum of 2670 passengers and is taller than the Stadium roof. I was able to watch it sail out of the harbour from my window up in Highbury.  
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