07 February 2013

So Long You Pretty Thing

As featured on Jarvis Cocker's Sunday Service on BBC 6Music this weekend, here's the Capital Children's Choir performing a cover of Spiritualized's So Long You Pretty Thing, which sets out plaintive and forlorn but in the best tradition of Bridge Over Troubled Water or Everybody Hurts ends up epic and rather fabulous. Plus instead of a Tiny Dancer they sport a tiny drummer, which can't hurt. The song, which appears on Spiritualized's 2012 album Sweet Heart Sweet Light, was written by Spiritualized's Jason Pierce and his 11-year-old daughter Poppy Spaceman, which provides a nice link to the youthful performers in this video. I wonder if they realise how marvellous it is just to be recording in Abbey Road?

This children's choirs singing artfully-selected popular songs meme seems to have a lot of legs at the moment, and why wouldn't it, given the warmth of performances like this one by the CCC. Just remember it was all done many years ago (in the mid-70s, to be precise) with equal verve and charm - albeit not in Abbey Road and perhaps not with quite the same polish - by the Langley Schools Music Project. Dig them kid harmonies!

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