08 February 2007

Now with 25% less franticness

At least my time in Auckland hasn't been as frantic as my week in Wellington after finishing work!  Maybe 75% as frantic though.  Score one for the good guys - I bought a new laptop yesterday.  Pity it's got Windows Vista on it, but you can't have everything, can you.  One plus is that it makes Hearts and Spider Solitaire run like a dream.  Now all I have to do is to get it to run anything else...

Selling the trusty veehickle looks to be the hardest task of the week.  Am taking it to a carfair on Saturday morning, but despite its all-round goodness I doubt anyone will fork out for a 258,000km 17-year-old car.  Maybe some skint backpackers. 

In a moment of diversion from the tasks at hand, I went to see The History Boys with Jennifer & Andrew at the Lido in Epsom on Waitangi Day.   A likeable film, certainly, but I didn't really warm to the students.  Perhaps they were just a little too smug, or perhaps I was jealous of their smarts!


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