04 February 2007

The gratitude of the humble traveller

So I've hit the road finally - I drove up from Tawa to Hamilton today.  Hot and blue skies to start with for the first few hours, but then the glowering rain clouds boiled over and most of the rest of the journey was wet.  Still balmy though.  The faithful car served me well yet again - still a trooper.  Tonight I had an enjoyable dinner with the Mortons and Woodlarens and Spike at Greta Street, and watched a bit of the NZ v Aus ODI. 
Umpteen thankyous must go out to those super pals in Wellington who helped no end in my last couple of days: Trayner & Bryce and Bec & Hugh for very kindly letting me store stuff at their places while I'm away, the aforementioned Trayner & Bryce again for hosting me overnight at their lovely home (where we sat up chatting & watching the warm-hearted and witty State & Main), and Super Will, whose tireless assistance with the shifting van on Saturday was an absolute lifesaver, particularly given his exertions at the Sevens the night before.
I was quite sorry to drive away from the folornly empty Kano Street flat after 2 1/2 years there - but glad to know that Former Flatmate Al will be taking up residence there shortly, so I may yet be able to enjoy the view again as a visitor sometime.
Tomorrow: Onehunga.  After that: the world...
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