19 February 2007

New mobile number

Hi from Deptford Bridge, SE13.
I've sorted out a new mobile phone to field all those lucrative job offers that are bound to flow in once the employers of London know I'm available :) 
It's a Nokia 2310, if you're interested.  The number is +44 793 640-6608
I wanted a fairly basic model to see me right until some money starts coming in.  I've only loaded it with 10 quid so far, so I won't be doing that much texting for the time being.  NZ residents: texting from an 021 mobile will cost you 30c.  Family types: if you need to call me on it, I suggest you give Telecom a ring to see how much the per-minute cost will be.  It might be easier to wait to chat when I've got access to a landline, which hopefully shouldn't be too long.  Or I'll just call you on Skype. 
As usual, latest reports from the front lines can be found on the blog.
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