07 December 2013

National Automobile Museum of Tasmania

During my day at leisure exploring Launceston I took in the two sites of the highly recommended Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery, a walk through the Royal Park, and a visit to the Cataract Gorge to walk the trails and photograph the peacocks. I also enjoyed watching the Japanese macaques caper and preen in their enclosure in the City Park. But the highlight of the city for me was the slightly curiously named National Automobile Museum of Tasmania (86 Cimitiere St). It's not a big museum, and there's a slightly comical attempt to make it look bigger inside by installing a mirror wall at the back, but what's on display is excellent, both in terms of vintage motoring and the pinnacle of 20th century supercars. It also boasts in its front-of-counter staff the youngest Brylcreem boy I've ever seen - indeed, I didn't know that was still a thing these days. The first two photos below are from the selection of French motoring that was the first exhibition seen on entry, which boasts two gorgeous Gallic sportscars.

1936 Delage D6-70s, once confiscated by the SS in occupied Paris
1973 Dinalpin A110
1972 E49 Valiant Charger
1969 Chevrolet Corvette
1949 MG TC
1972 Ferrari 246 GT
1959 Austin Healey 3000 Mk I
1964 Jaguar 3.8 E-Type Roadster
1939 BSA Silver Star, buried in a back yard during WW2 to avoid confiscation

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