12 December 2013

Behind the barricades

Following discussions this week remembering the huge divisions and conflict brought about by the Springbok rugby tour of New Zealand in 1981, here's a reminder of what parts of New Zealand looked like at the time, as protesters clashed with police riot squads to fight the malign influence of apartheid in South Africa. I guess this picture, posted by Flickr user Travelling Light, was taken somewhere near the Kingsland train station, which is the closest station to Eden Park. It might have either been taken on 5 September 1981, the date of the tour match against Auckland, or the following week on 12 September, the date of the final match of the tour in which protesters Marx Jones and Grant Cole famously harassed the players with flour bombs from a light aircraft. I remember sitting on a hill in Cornwall Park with my mother and watching the plane circle over Eden Park in the distance.

sandringham nz 1981

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