09 December 2013

A guardian of the faith who can also do door work

Bob Mills: Pope Francis, the Holy Father, he's revealed in an interview - he went out and met some parishioners and sat and talked to them, because he's very outgoing. He goes out at night and gives alms to the poor - he's like a sort of Catholic Gladstone, without the bag and the prostitutes. He revealed in the interview that one of the jobs that he had was as a bouncer in a nightclub. And I do like Pope Francis, but I do worry that they're trying to trend him up, because there's nothing worse than the Holy Father in a dress and all the gear trying to be down with the kids: 'Oh yeah, I was bad, man, I was wicked as a bouncer.  Y'know you see me with the censer? Basically I'm happier with three snooker balls in a sock'.  Yeah, so when he was a young man he'd been a nightclub bouncer in Buenos Aires, and I would think that was a pretty tough gig.

Greg Proops: It was a place called St Peter's and people would come up to the door and he'd go 'Your name ain't in the book, beat it!'

Sandi Toksvig: I quite like the idea of having really strict rules at the nightclub, so to get in you have to pass through the eye of a needle.

- The News Quiz, BBC Radio 4, 6 December 2013

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