01 May 2013

EMP Seattle

Pictures taken on a visit with Tom to the EMP Museum (Experience Music Project) in a Frank O. Gehry-designed building at the Seattle Center next to the Space Needle, Saturday 6 April. (We could've had a Gehry design for Te Papa in Wellington if we'd played our cards right.) The museum is a mix of pop culture, mainly music and film, with prominent exhibits during our visit including The Lure of the Horror Film, Hendrix in London, and Nirvana: Punk to the Masses.

EMP Museum interior
Simon Pegg's shirt from Shaun of the Dead, 2004
Lt Uhura's uniform, Star Trek
Capt Kirk's command chair + Tribbles, Star Trek
Hendrix in London
Hendrix in Hounslow, 1967
Hendrix's Stratocaster from Woodstock, 1969
EMP's mental guitar sculpture
Dave Grohl's drumkit from Nirvana, c.1993-4
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