23 May 2013


Recently Slightly Intrepid passed 100,000 pageviews since I started blogging here in January 2007. There have been 520 posts before this one, and I've used 33 categories to divide them up. The top 10 posts according to pageviews are dominated by a silly little post that I wrote in April 2008 on a possible route for a tunnel under Cook Strait - it would appear that there's an untapped groundswell of interest in sci-fi New Zealand transport projects out there!

Top 10 blog posts by total pageviews

1. A Cook Strait tunnel? (4191 pageviews)
How about a walkway to Tasmania while you're at it?
Cheaper to hire short people than build a big plane.

3. Obrigado Lisboa (1229)
Portuguese capital travelogue.
Cucumber sandwiches with the Queen at Buckingham Palace.
Flying back from the South Island, incl. plenty of traffic from Theonering.net for the Hobbit set shot.

6. Sim City 4 (994)
Building the city of Cullinane in SC4, incl. neighbourhood profiles and transit map.
A slice of London local history and a mythical highwayman.
Seeing Adele perform live at the BBC... and R. Kelly (bleurgh!)
Cool old planes in Paris.  Concorde and rockets too.

10. My best and worst films of 2010 (437)
Any year with Inception and Scott Pilgrim vs The World has to be a good year for movies.

Top 5 search keywords

1. Cook Strait bridge
2. Cook Strait tunnel
3. Dave Arbus (violinist who famously played on The Who's Baba O'Riley)
4. Lisboa
5. Melody Gardot (mentioned in another Jools Holland post here)

Top 5 pageviews by country

1. USA 40,163
2. UK 14,600
3. NZ 7662
4. Germany 3286
5. Australia 2413
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