29 April 2013

David Letterman's comedic style

I started as a magician. I worked at Disneyland and I did tricks eight to twelve hours a day, for the audience, and that's how you become good at something.  Unlike doing something for an hour a day...

I'm thinking about the 'late night wars', and I'm thinking that some comedians just say funny things.  Some comedians say things funny.  But you... say things.

- Steve Martin to David Letterman, Late Show with David Letterman, 23 April 2013

[Steve Martin was on the programme to promote his new album made with Edie Brickell, Love Has Come For You; you can see a clip of their performance here.  Or there's his much earlier hit single, King Tut, here performed live in 1979. 'Henry Winkler, ladies and gentlemen!'].

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