07 October 2015

And after shipwreck driven upon this shore

A remnant of maritime trade, the laid-up fishing vessel Southern Prospector has been dormant and rusting at Glasgow Wharf in Wellington since 2010. In April 2011 it was struck by the Bluebridge ferry Santa Regina in an accident that was later the subject of a jury trial for the captain of the latter vessel, who was said to have sailed with passengers despite having received a 3.5m gash in his hull from the accident. (The captain disputed the severity of the damage and the judge acquitted him of the charges). Now the Southern Prospector sits dormant; an entry on this blog suggests she was originally launched in Imbari, Japan, in 1967, and named the Wakamiya Maru. Later that same year it was renamed the Harukaze Maru. Immediately before it became the Southern Prospector it was known as the Tensho Maru No.11. The company that owned the vessel appears to have been struck off the register of companies.

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