22 August 2014

We're not pawns in any game, we're not tools of bigger men

The Who - four nutters who happened to play like geniuses - perform their track Naked Eye, at the third and final Isle of Wight Festival in front of 600,000 people on in the wee small hours after midnight on 29/30 August 1970. Naked Eye is an outtake that appeared with 10 other rarities on the Odds & Sods Who compilation album in 1974, which was designed to head off a rampant market in unofficial Who concert bootlegs. This performance was cut from the feature-length DVD release of the Who Isle of Wight set, perhaps due to time constraints or due to the washed-out lighting. But as with many Who outtakes, it's still exciting stuff. And loud - did I mention loud? All the film footage was recorded by director Murray Lerner with a view to releasing a Woodstock-style rock movie, but the project fell over thanks to financial difficulties and the film was not released until a DVD issue in 1997. Lerner is also responsible (as co-director with Paul Crowder) for the solid 2007 Who documentary, Amazing Journey.   

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