16 August 2014

To Sylvia Grace Kimmins, from Mother

From the old books table at the DCM Bookfair this morning on Queen's Wharf, Wellington, the title page of a battered compact Bible. Inscription: 'Sylvia Grace Kimmins, from Mother. On her birthday, July 7th 1915. Brooklands, Tonbridge'. Young Miss Kimmins may well have been related to, and named after, the originator of many charitable foundations for poor children in the southeast of England, Grace Kimmins. Sylvia appears to have entered the nursing profession, at least in an administrative capacity, with the British Journal of Nursing from April 1936 recording the following:
It was agreed that Miss Alice D. Dinwiddie, principal Clerk in the Examinations Department, be promoted to the post of Assistant Examinations Officer, and that Miss Sylvia Grace Kimmins be provisionally appointed Principal Clerk in the Examinations Department. 
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