11 July 2014

It's been a non-stop party since I flew the coop

A hilariously bitter and disingenuous break-up duet in which each singer competes to be the most blasé about a relationship's end, Ciao! appeared on Lovelife, the third album by London indie shoegazing band Lush in 1996. Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker appears as the male duettist and applies his typically droll performance to proceedings, but the song was written by Lush vocalist Miki Berenyi. Lush had four UK top 40 hits - one with an EP in 1992, and then three 1996 singles from Lovelife: Single Girl, Ladykillers and 500 (Shake Baby Shake), which all just missed entering the top 20. The clip below is audio only, as no video was made for this album track.
But now the scales have fallen I can really see
And I say go to hell, 'cause that's where you took me...

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