04 July 2014

Boys and girls don't understand the Devil makes work for idle hands

The Godfathers, a London pub rawk / alternative band formed in 1985, perform their best-known song, the excellently-named 'Birth, School, Work, Death', at the Town & Country in 1988. On the back of the track's not one but two riffological guitar solos the single went top 40 in the US in that year, on the slightly worryingly titled Mainstream Rock chart. However, the Godfathers did not achieve a top 40 hit in their home country, or in New Zealand for that matter. Maybe it was the suits? But those solos, they're still the ticket.

The Town & Country in Kentish Town is now known as the Forum. Next week it will be hosting the kawaii overload of Japanese girl-pop-metal trio Babymetal (another excellent name!) and two nights of the briefly famous Boston group Extreme (of More Than Words notoriety) playing their 1990 album Pornograffitti. You should definitely examine the Babymetal concert video Gimme Choco in the link above - it's metaltastic, in a wonderfully saccharine highly choreographed J-pop kind of way. If that makes any sense.  

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