27 May 2014

And what about the male parishioners?

"For Christ to enter your lives," Rev. Njohi of Lord's Propeller Redemption Church in Dandora Phase 2 (Nairobi) told his congregation, "all female members must come to church without their bras and panties. Undergarments are ungodly, and I strongly advise all female worshippers to go free.

At the last church meeting, I passed a law banning the wearing of inner wears. When coming to church, people need to be free in body and spirit to receive Christ. At Sunday service, ladies should be ngotha-less and bra-less. Mothers are advised to do the same, and to check their daughters when coming to church on Sundays, so they can receive Christ too.

I warn members that there will be dire consequences if they secretly put on their inner wears in church. Praise the Lord."

- Kenya Daily Post, 5 March 2014, quoted in Private Eye no.1365, 2-15 May 2014.
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