25 February 2014

Mentors & micturition

Two brief excerpts from Private Eye's ever-reliable Pseud's Corner column (Eye 1358, 24 January 2014), an old favourite from Very Friday Email days:

History is littered with wise, patient mentors who challenge their pupils, pushing their eager charges towards future greatness. Socrates inspired Plato to expand upon his teachings, to form a great Greek academy and scratch out immortal dialogues. On arriving in Florence, Raphael was left so dazed by the painting of Leonardo Da Vinci that he immediately sought to emulate the elder man's brushed grandeur and conceptual groundwork. Lee Ashcroft [of Kilmarnock FC] has, in recent weeks, been learning of the noble art of defending at the merciless feet of Kris Boyd.
- Callum Baird, The Herald

Urine and its attendant act, urination, is often a fraught and taboo subject... This panel seeks to trace the complexities of representation of pee within Modern and Contemporary art and visual culture. Papers/topics considered may include, but are certainly not limited to: medical and health campaigns and illustrations, erotic imagery featuring urination, the materiality and/or iconography of urine, theories or (mis-) understandings of the abject, and (counter) public/private feeling around urination.
- Call for papers, 'Piss Panel 2014', Society for Literature, Science and the Arts conference, Dallas, Texas 

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