11 February 2014

Irrational Wellington

On Sunday I bought the second expansion pack for Civilisation 5, titled Brave New World. It adds various nifty gameplay features like proper trade routes (enjoy watching those camels trot off to the fabled markets of Pasgardae!) and tourism (which I don't really understand yet!). There's also the usual gameplay tweaks that throw up some interesting minor details. I particularly enjoyed the addition of one particular new city to the list of city-states that are dotted around the global maps for the main civilisations to trade with, intrigue against or bully. The city-state of Wellington is also fairly aptly described in the game too (see picture).

Ally: Nobody. Hell yeah! We don't need anyone else, and to be frank not many can put up with our fearsome climate and the mandatory wearing of black at all times. Or the fact that we ticket every visitor to our city who drives down the Ngauranga Gorge unaware that the speed camera there is our prime source of revenue generation.

Traits: Maritime. Yes; for we are nothing without our fish & chips.

Personality: Irrational. So Wellington! This totally explains the trousers with skirts thing, lingering support for the Phoenix, and people choosing to live in Johnsonville.

Resources: Wine. Totally. In fact, we have both flavours. But can we have Proper Coffee too please? And a Broad Understanding of Policy-Making Processes? Although I'm not sure if that last one is a particularly sought-after global commodity.

(The Brave New World expansion is part of a big Sid Meier sale at Humble Bundle, which is on for another week).

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