01 November 2013

Use careful watch, choose trusty sentinels

The man who failed dismally as a lookout when he nodded off while his three mates burgled the Te Ngutu Golf Club has received community work. Police were alerted to the burglary and arrested the group who broke in and were busy stealing golf clubs.

Sickness beneficiary Jason Teremoana Rangi, 28, of Hawera, appeared in the New Plymouth District Court yesterday and admitted he was involved in two burglaries on the night of October 10. The court heard he had no previous convictions and lived with his parents.

Judge Max Courtney said Rangi was acting as a lookout for the others "albeit not a very good one" because he went to sleep in the car. However, he was a party to the burglaries, and therefore equally as guilty as the others.

The police summary says on October 10 the four, who were intoxicated, had first burgled a house in rural Kaponga, taking a large number of items from a freezer in the garage. On the way back to Hawera, one mentioned money kept at Te Ngutu Golf Club on Katene Rd.

Rangi stayed in the car but fell asleep while the other three broke into the pro shop and began stealing golf clubs. Police arrived and caught the trio in the area next to the pro shop.

- Lyn Humphrey, 'Nod costly for lookout', Taranaki Daily News, 1 November 2013

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