07 November 2013

MPs departing Parliament

With the recent news that increasing numbers of MPs, chiefly from the governing National Party, will not be standing for re-election in 2014, here's a summary of the members who have already left Parliament during this current term, the ones who have already announced that they will retire in 2014, and some possible additional retirees who have been mentioned in the media.

Departed since 2011 election (sorted by departure date)

Paul Quinn (National)
MP 8 November 2008 to 15 December 2011. Provisionally returned to Parliament on election night 2011, following the counting of special votes Quinn was not returned. 

Dr The Rt Hon Lockwood Smith (National)
14 July 1984 to 14 February 2013. 28th Speaker of the House 2008-13, Minister of Education 1990-96. Appointed as High Commissioner to the UK in March 2013. 

Charles Chauvel (Labour)
1 August 2006 to 11 March 2013. List MP who departed to work for the United Nations in 2013.

Hon Parekura Horomia (Labour)
27 November 1999 to 29 April 2013. Minister of Maori Affairs 2000-08, and MP for Ikaroa-Rawhiti 1999-2013. Died at home in Tolaga Bay in April 2013, aged 62. The first MP to die in office since Rod Donald in 2005.

Dr Jackie Blue (National)
17 September 2005 to 20 May 2013. List MP appointed as Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner from June 2013.

Aaron Gilmore (National)
8 November 2008 to 26 November 2011, 19 February 2013 to 27 May 2013. Controversial list MP who resigned in May 2013. 

Hon Lianne Dalziel (Labour)
12 October 1990 to 11 October 2013. Minister of Commerce 2002-04/2005-08, ACC 2001-02. Left Parliament to run for the Christchurch mayoralty. Sworn in as Mayor on 24 October 2013.

Announced they are not standing for re-election in 2014 
(sorted by date first entering Parliament)

Ross Robertson (Labour)
Electorate MP since 1987, currently for Manukau East, age 64.

Hon Bill English (National) - to List
Deputy PM and Minister of Finance since 2008, former Leader of the Opposition 2001-03, electorate MP since 1990, currently holds Clutha-Southland, age 52. Retiring from electorate MP duties to move onto party list at 2014 election. 

Hon Tariana Turia (Maori)
Minister for Community & Voluntary Sector 2002-04, 2008-present, Disability Issues 2009-present, for Whanau Ora 2010-present. MP for Labour 1996-2004, for Maori Party 2004-present. Currently MP for Te Tai Hauauru since 2002, age 69. Retiring from politics at 2014 election.

Hon Phil Heatley (National)
Minister of Housing 2008-13, Fisheries 2008-11, Energy 2011-13; MP for Whangarei since 1999, age 46. Reshuffled out of Cabinet and lost ministerial rank in January 2013, and chose to retire in 2014.

Paul Hutchison (National)
Electorate MP since 1999, currently for Hunua, age 65.

Hon Chris Tremain (National)
Minister of Internal Affairs 2012-present, MP for Napier since 2005, age 47. Opted to retire in 2014. 

Chris Auchinvole (National)
MP since 2005, currently a list MP, age 68.

Hon Kate Wilkinson (National)
Minister for Labour 2008-12, Food Safety 2008-13, Conservation 2010-13. MP since 2005, initially a list MP, but since 2011 MP for Waimakariri, age 56. Lost ministerial role in January 2013 reshuffle, and chose to retire in 2014.

Hon Pita Sharples (Maori)
Minister for Maori Affairs 2008-present, MP for Tamaki Makaurau since 2005, age 72. Retiring from politics at 2014 election.

Katrina Shanks (National)
List MP since 2007, age 44.

Cam Calder (National)
List MP since 2009, age 61.

Rumoured to be considering retiring / going onto party list

Hon Annette King (Labour)
Minister of Health 1999-2005, Police 2005-08, MP 1984 to 1990 and 1993 to present, currently MP for Rongotai, age 66.

Lindsay Tisch (National)
Electorate MP since 1999, currently for Waikato, age 66.

John Hayes (National)
MP for Wairarapa since 2005, age 65.

Eric Roy (National)
MP 1993 to 2002 and 2005 to present, currently MP for Invercargill, age 65.

Shane Ardern (National)
MP for Taranaki-King Country since 1998, age 53.

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