16 October 2013

Brother Lee Love

In the usual vein of serious workplace discussions, the topic of Kenny Everett and his giant hands character came up yesterday. Of course it did! Far too little is said these days about Everett's hugely influential comedy on both radio and TV. Below, then, for the uninitiated or the just plain young, is Kenny Everett's Brother Lee Love preacher character, resplendent in this 1979 Kenny Everett Video Show appearance with his enormous canonical polystyrene appendages. (And is it just me, or are the keyboardist's hands, um, 'blacked up'? Blimey.). For those interested in seeing more of Everett's silliness, this compilation clip is a good start. It's replete with the usual daft sketches, plentiful catch-phrases ("Ello, Sid Snot 'ere") and plenty of corpsing and fourth-wall breaking as the studio crew cracks up. Oh, and the Hot Gossip dancers, whose undulations went completely over my head at the time.

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