22 June 2013

'Why would I need a TV licence for a TV I stole?'

“Why would I need a TV licence for a TV I stole? Nobody knows I’ve got it.”
(Kilmarnock, Scotland)

“I have lost weight and had to buy new clothes. I could not afford a licence.” 

“I had not paid as I received a lethal injection.” 
(Location unknown)

“Apparently my dog, which is a corgi, was related to the Queen’s dog so I didn’t think I needed a TV licence.” 

“I don’t want to pay for a licence for a full year. Knowing my luck I’ll be dead in six months and won’t get value for money.” 

“I could not pay for my TV licence because the Olympic torch was coming down my road and I could not get to the shop as the road was too busy.” 

“I only use my TV as a lamp. If you switch it on it gives a good glow which allows me to read my book.” (Dundee)

“Only my three-year-old son watches the TV. Can you take it out of the family allowance I receive for him? He watches it so he should pay.” 

- Kunal Dutta, 'I only use my TV as a lamp... and other excuses for not paying your licence fee', Independent, 18 June 2013.

The licence fee, which pays for the BBC, is currently £145.50 for colour sets and £49 for black & white.
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