18 June 2013

Channelling every sitcom dad ever

Bob Jones, in an typically colourful opinion piece about mayoral competitions around New Zealand, offers his thoughts on Dunedin's jaw-droppingly expensive covered stadium and its roster of visiting musical acts.

A contentious issue is the debt burden from building New Zealand's only roof-covered stadium. It was a bold move although it's pointless carrying on about it now. 
Dunedin is our driest city, but the theory was that such an arena would attract so-called concerts by idiot bands with silly names, plus shrieking females prancing about in their underwear, thus drawing vast numbers of visitors. 
That's eventuated although whether there's much value in despoiling that lovely city with visiting halfwits wanting to watch factory hands and madwomen bawling into microphones, this racket purportedly music, is highly questionable.

- Bob Jones, NZ Herald, 18 June 2013

Bob Jones is 74. He would also like you to get off his lawn.  The total city debt for Dunedin, thanks in large part to the stadium, was $586m in 2012.
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