12 January 2013

It's called Highbury for a reason

I've been living in Highbury since September 2011, but will soon be moving closer to work in town. Highbury is a great place to live. I got my first taste of the area flatting with Kath, Richard and Sam in Moana Road 10 years ago, and it's been great to return and enjoy its mix of great views and access to walking trails. I walk to and from work, which is a great way to start and finish the day. The morning walk through the Botanical Gardens takes 35 minutes, and in the evening I cheat a little by riding the Cable Car up to Kelburn and walking from there. The video below shows the last stages of my walk up Highbury Road yesterday, including (if you listen closely) a taste of the usual bird jamboree that goes on in the late afternoon as half the birds of Wellington return to the wildlife sanctuary for the night, and finishing up with the splendid views over the city and the harbour from my deck.

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