10 January 2013


In honour of David O'Doherty's visit to New Zealand earlier this year for the comedy festival, here's a 25-minute interview on Nine To Noon from 1 May 2012. It kicks off with a recording of FAQ For The DOD, and amidst the chat there's an in-studio (ooh, up close and personal) rendition (in a singing, rather than blindfolded military kidnapping sense) of Sent A Text (To The Person The Text Was About) and Try To Think Of Other Things. You can find my review of his excellent Wellington gig here. If you feel like delving a little deeper into the world of 1980s plastic Casio keyboard-based very low intensity musical whimsy (or 'vlimwy'), I can recommend the two albums linked below, the purchase of which will guarantee you spiritual fulfilment and philosophical enlightenment.  

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