18 September 2012

Shaggy's gritty smack battle

Robert and David are organising a party:

Robert: If we invite Freddie, Daphne and Velma there's a chance they'll bring that other one.

David: Oh God! The scrawny one, the one that doesn't wash. What's his name?

Robert: Well, we don't know! I mean, he calls himself Shaggy but I certainly don't believe that's his name. I think it's some kind of hollow sexual boast.

David: I think it definitely is. He's probably trying to present himself as some kind of stud, despite being quite ugly and incredibly cowardly. The last time I saw him he was literally shaking, and he spent most of the evening scampering up and down a very long corridor that happened to be there.

Robert: Well that's certainly no way to make people have sex with you. But maybe we're being harsh on him. I mean, he's so thin and he's always shaking - he's probably in the throes of some gritty smack battle.

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