27 September 2012

Pukerua to Plimmerton

Coastal route from Pukerua Bay to Plimmerton
(Photo taken flying into WLG, 23.09.12)

A couple of weekends ago I caught up with former workmate Helen for a coastal walk north of Wellington - the trek from Pukerua Bay round the rocky shore to Plimmerton, a distance of 9.5km. The journey took about two and a half hours with a few photo breaks, and included Helen's neighbour's dog Mr Nuts (as I addressed him - certain formalities must be addressed when meeting new individuals, don't you know?).

The day was mild but offered a few 'refreshing' showers during the walk, but nothing particularly inconvenient or unpleasant. The walk is moderately challenging due to the rocky terrain, slick footing and occasional petering out of walking tracks - sometimes we just clambered over outcrops and jumped down onto the rolling west coast boulders. There weren't many other people out, and the few hardcore walkers seemed to be travelling from south to north, in the opposite direction to us. We saw a few of these gnarled elderly walkers on the same route and they tended to be hardy sorts equipped with impressive-looking walking poles, the kind sported in pairs by ultra-prepared German ramblers.

We had initially planned to take the train back from Plimmerton to Pukerua at the end, but Mr N brought about a change of plans because no dogs are allowed on Wellington trains, apart from guide dogs - and with the best will in the world he'd struggle to pass himself off as one of those. Instead we parked a car at each end (combined age: 43), which was quite a relief to the knees after a lively hike.

Posing at the hole in the rock

Driftwood teepee

Twin peaks

In his element

The wild west coast (taken by HC)

Watching the waves smash in
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