20 August 2017

A man for every season

Shayne P Carter 
Meow, Wellington
19 August 2017

Having seen Shayne Carter in a double-act with Don McGlashan at the Paramount a while back, it was good to follow up with this louder band gig at Meow last night, with Carter chiefly on guitar as usual, with bass and drums backing. Booming, jagged waves of tortured, coruscating anti-pop and all that. Ears buzzing into the night. He played a couple of numbers from his uncharacteristic piano pieces too, off the 2016 album Offsider (which for reasons of keyboard proximity I'm inclined to type as Oddsider), including this track below, in a 2016 RNZ clip. It's interesting to see a guitar supremo contort his music through an unfamiliar instrument (he taught himself to play for Offsider). In support the Magic Numbers-lineup of local band Draghound (two girls, two guys) impressed.

I'm still taken aback by New Zealand pub gig audiences though - the ones who pay money to hear an artist perform and then talk all the way through the performances. Oftentimes in the quieter numbers they're louder than the band. Such rude behaviour is beyond my ken!


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