10 March 2016

The grand procession of the scald miserable Masons

A GEOMETRICAL View of the Grand PROCESSION of the Scald Miserable MASONS Design'd as they were Drawn up over against Somerset House, in the STRAND, on the twenty Seventh of April Ano. 1742.

Detail of a multi-page etching, presumably part of the collection of the New Zealand Freemasons, displayed in the Wellesley Hotel, Wellington.  The etching was possibly published in 1771, if it has the same provenance as this identical piece in the collection of the British Museum. An American Masonic author believes the 1742 procession was a satirical jibe by opponents of Freemasonry, rather than a legitimate Masonic event. The Somerset House depicted is the previous occupant of the prestigious site; this earlier, Tudor palace was demolished in 1775 to make way for the current palace.
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