17 March 2015

A big night out in Invy

A "mystery pooper" has pooed in Invercargill's Splash Palace swimming pool five Friday evenings in a row. City council aquatic services manager Pete Thompson said the culprit's acts had cost the pool "tens of thousands of dollars" in lost revenue. The pool was closed for cleaning for about six hours each time faecal matter was found in the water.

"It generally happens after 5pm each Friday night," Thompson said.

It was unclear if one person or more was involved, with poo found in three pools in the complex on a Friday night about three weeks ago.

"They did one in the leisure pool and we moved the kids to the learners' pool, and they did one in the learners' pool and we moved the kids to the main pool, and one appeared in the main pool, so we had to shut the whole thing down."

- Evan Harding, 'Mystery pooper' plagues Invercargill swimming pool', Southland Times, 17 March 2015 [Via Liz]
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