25 February 2015

A former sub-editor's favourite typos

There have been innumerable "typos" (typographical errors) that have tickled [former Evening Post sub-editor Stephen Moffatt's] fancy over the years, and many that have made the blood boil or resulted in less-than-friendly emails or phone conversations.

"A reporter covering a sheep sale rang the story through to the office and it emerged that there had been a good yarding of 'two-tooth youths'.

"Jewels have often featured: 'the man had a $75,000 18-carrot gold diamond ring'; and 'the British high commissioner got his jewels back, including a $30,000 diamond neckless'.

"Following a fatal accident involving a horse: 'the horse was granted name suppression'.

"We've had a headline, on a story about a school playground, referring to a 'jungle jim'; we've had the Pope 'beautifying' three nuns in a headline; and another headline, on a yarn about a meat company boss, referring to him as 'meat head'.

- 'Long-time journalist a witness to many changes', Dominion Post, 21 February 2015
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