12 December 2014

The Green Manalishi

Fleetwood Mac, in its pre-Californian guise as a British heavy blues-rock quartet, perform their Peter Green-penned single The Green Manalishi (With the Two Prong Crown) to a Swedish audience in 1970, its year of release. The single reached number 10 in the UK charts, and was their last charting single in the UK for three years until the 1973 re-entry of their classic instrumental Albatross. Then it would be another three years before the next chart appearance with Say You Love Me, which commenced the radically reshaped band's mid-70s soft-rock avalanche. There's also a well-known cover of Green Manalishi by Midlands metallers Judas Priest on their 1979 album Hell Bent for Leather (the US version of their UK album Killing Machine), which added Manalishi as an extra track for the American market. This 1983 US outdoor performance is so Spinal Tap it will hurt your brain.

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