16 September 2014

Exorcising Edith

The actor Marion Cotillard, who gave a captivating performance in La Vie en Rose (a.k.a. La Môme), seems to have become a little too attached to the role of Edith Piaf, if this interview is anything to go by:
After the shoot wrapped, Cotillard says she continued to be haunted by Piaf, sometimes speaking in her gravelly voice. Piaf stayed with her for a total of eight months. 'I tried everything,' Cotillard tells me. 'I did exorcisms with salt and fire. I travelled to Bora Bora to escape her. I went to Peru and Machu Picchu and did ancient shamanic ceremonies to cleanse myself after I eventually realised why I couldn't let her go. She had been abandoned as a child. Her greatest fear was to be alone.

- Marion Cotillard, interviewed in the Observer, 3 August 2014, and quoted in Private Eye 1374, 5-18 September 2014
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