27 August 2013

Canny vandals take note

Belmont's long awaited expanded Northboro Pipe bridge has been vandalised with the culprit leaving behind a clear set of clues.

And in an attempt to lure out information, two highly sought after tickets to the Beyonce concert are being offered as a reward.

Last Friday it was discovered that the newly poured concrete on the ONeill's Point Cemetery side of the bridge had been tagged overnight with the name Lauren, some small footprints and dog paws.

It is believed that it will cost contractors Brian Perry Contractors more than $10,000 to replace the 30 metres of concrete that was vandalised.

- Marnie Hallahan, North Shore Times, 27 August 2013

[Canny vandals take note: dob yourself in to score A-list gig tickets!]
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