18 March 2013

"I'm leaning towards Colossal Velocity"

Alan Partridge re-returns, and this time it's on the big screen! It may or may not be the really rather stirring tale of one chiselled, blue-jeaned middle-aged ex-BBC (but not bitter about it) TV and radio presenter standing up to the villainous villains who hijack his North Norfolk radio station, for some nefarious and dastardly purpose. It's scheduled for release in the UK on 7 August. Now all that remains is to think up a suitably cracking title:

Alan: 'Stop me if you like one: The Norfolk Factor. Gunbird. Hectic Danger Day. Chap of Steel. Colossal Velocity. I've got to say I'm leaning towards Colossal Velocity'.

[Via Callow]
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