17 October 2012

Recently Minister did I mention Das Reich?

Question 8 from Jacinda Ardern to the Minister for Social Development, Hon Paula Bennett, in the House today, 17 October 2012, as transcribed by Youtube's automatic captioning service, which struggles to cope with the New Zealand accent:

Jacinda Ardern: Thank you see my question: is the Minister of such a developed in the past one hundred delegates were identified in the report repeat by turning chinta asap on the security of the weekend, and have you all to see your hope all of them if they can't be done in two thousand reports?

Hon Paula Bennett: Candidacy with electro neatly situation we buy the kiosk we can eat it directly to the emu stinging week, meaning that seems a bit documents we receive support from the kiosks, and this reports that it will be his Christian. Was this issue would resist in and the problems faxed, and given the situation in a land that it's clear that they were not, and this is why the chief executive in ninety-eight decide its release this information publicly Easter day and then in effect be upfront upon us a couple korechi dealing with.

Jacinda Ardern: To achieve received any purports either brutal all restaurant on vulnerabilities within in Macy's systems at the time ever with committee on local business is speaking on?

Hon Paula Bennett: ['Mr Speaker, no.' - the transcription missed this bit]

Jacinda Ardern: What did you hear the monitoring October all lost out of hearing you automated systems involved given this is what she undertook she withdrew in two thousand and nine me on a book called "Let's Take a Bit More"?

Hon Paula Bennett: Training off by sisters was more than just the kiosk six link if you can see that - got my accounts we people can now take CC rowing information online coming in about twelve percent previous commentary, and they come into the chaos out - these are the victims US-Cuban Arafat blackrock - outside what we've got now as we head because ABN has had a hard copy kiowa online more than just about the chaos it was that arrangement for myself... uh... I was advised the Minister that we would be looking at how quickly that has rolled out and and what the cost is and that's exactly what we've done.  

Jacinda Ardern: [Point of order] When one of the suspense and one of our hearts very specific in my Christian narrowed walks at the monetary exactly in Thailand... uh... I would've liked to Minister to address the success of prostate cancer.

Mr Speaker: Odd, but I think the Ministers the member's questioning is in fact serious, and Andy sees these appropriate question.  I think it should be treated with more respect by the member's colleagues. Member's colleagues sorted to interject in the Minister responded to those objections on Bockman asked Minister to ignore all of that give the precise answer.  [Interjection]  Now the member motors company that. Sure what places member thinks marble from our principle it is a purple - I'm not going to underclassmen, believe I don't want to give the member dignity. We just want to know how trials which I think that it's too soon to din supplement a Christian.

Jacinda Ardern: Cases to stick it in time ancient asap content in the city theke recruit chief executives find that they had not reported on part of the ladies and the system, or did someone within the city cheek the report?

Hon Paula Bennett: Beyond the borders and Mr Speaker and then I see so the report on Monday night at eight o'clock and at keeping say NATO idea was that after one o'clock we we we've done the priests at conference, the single track team chins it without a doubt ticket prices particularly actually find which has done an excellent written at a press release to the one I think.

Mr Speaker: Point of religious views.

Jacinda Ardern: Mike my Christmas specifically who identified data reported found among abilities but that was not reforming American Christian just driven. Recently Minister did I mention Das Reich on taking the stage to curry the chief executive's climb that they had not reported on partner abilities in the system, or did someone within the state programs sheik reports?

Hon Paula Bennett: The complementary nine only - it wasn't a phone call from dot attempted to make sure that I don't know yet - United Bank! - and that is I say this peaceful to my attention: big night!  And Indians consequence we put out the next morning just driven...

[To see the autocaptions, click the left-most button at the bottom right of the Youtube screen]

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