08 July 2012

Clearly they express their love differently in Brazil

Paris Hilton is trying her hand at DJing. But her first set, at a Sao Paulo music festival, didn't go quite as well as she'd hoped:

"The fans loved the set and it felt so amazing to be up there," she comments. Judging by the cameraphone footage, the fans demonstrated their love of the set largely by booing – indeed they give the outward impression of having done everything to show their displeasure short of slinging their caipirinhas at her – but clearly they express their love differently in Brazil. Understandably bucked by this show of hysterical support and devotion, she brushes aside suggestions that she might be worried as to how she's perceived by "more established DJs". "I think the whole club scene is about love, music and not judging: it's all about playing music you love." Indeed, no sooner had her set finished than a selection of more established DJs took to Twitter to offer their glowing endorsements. They came to praise her from every area of the dance music spectrum, from former Big Brother contestant Basshunter ("what a sad day for dance music") to Chicago house legend DJ Sneak ("get off the DJ train, not for you"), to techno maven Dave Clarke ("I think she's set the cause of sexual equality back by being vacuous"). Luckily, her collaborator DJ Afrojack was on hand to offer his unreserved backing for her latest career choice: "I saw and I was like … ugh," he enthused. "I think it's really important that if you go in front of a crowd and DJ, you actually take the time and practise becoming a DJ. You can't just … wave a flag. Also, it was pre-recorded. I'm not supposed to say that, my management's going to fucking kill me, but it's true."

- Alex Petridis, 'Paris Hilton's DJ debut: was it a complete fiasco?', Guardian, 5 July 2012
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