28 February 2012

Bret McKenzie's 'loser face' fortunately not required

Well, hi, Bret McKenzie, from The Flight of the Conchords! Congratulations on winning an Oscar!

"Aw, thanks – it's completely nuts, isn't it?

I don't know – I really liked your songs in The Muppets. Personally, I preferred Party of One to Man or Muppet, the song you won for, but, hey, who cares? You totally deserved it.

"Thank you. But for the past 24 hours I really thought I wasn't going to get it so I was practising my face."

Your loser face? Don't losers always just smile politely and clap? Or, worse, almost, make that ecstatic gasp, as Glenn Close did this year for Meryl Streep, as though Meryl had been jobbing around for decades and was finally getting the recognition she deserves. "Someone who has so many awards she probably uses most of them as teething toys for her grandchildren has beaten me! Yay!" So are you saying, Bret, other facial options are available to losers besides grace and ecstasy?

"Oh yeah, I wanted to do this" – he reels back in horror, face in hands. "Or maybe this" – he mouths exaggeratedly a word that is not suitable for a family newspaper. "I thought that would work."

That would TOTALLY work! It almost makes me regret that you won. But, you know, not really.

"Yeah. Not really."

- Hadley Freeman, Guardian, 27 February 2012
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