24 March 2011

Spring released?

Springtime in Wimbledon

Casting one's eyes above the sea of BMWs, Audis, Porsches and vintage Mercedes coupes parked along Kenilworth Ave, SW19, here's a definite sign that winter is departing London. The clocks are going forward on Sunday morning, the BBC predicts daily highs of 16 degrees through to the end of the week, and a general air of environmental optimism is percolating through the suburbs. Hmm, must dig out those short-sleeved weekend shirts from the bottom of the drawer and run them through the wash... There was even a flyer thrust through the letterbox advertising a street party for the royal wedding at the end of April. And here's me thinking that sort of thing only happened in Eastenders. 

And Jolie Holland would like to sing you a song about it. Spring, that is, not Eastenders.

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