10 July 2010

Pick up the papers and take 'em to Tobermory

I’ve been a Wimbledonian for the past five and a half months.  Initially I thought I’d be staying here considerably longer, due to the many qualities of the area: the train link to Waterloo is excellent, the shops on the high street are plentiful, and the Common with all its Wombles is just up the hill.  My room in the apartment also has an en suite, which I now think is the best invention in the history of inventing things involving bathrooms. 

Sure, there are a few downsides.  The apartment’s on busy Worple Road, but I’ve gotten used to sleeping with earplugs and the double glazing blocks out the worst of the traffic noise.  And I’ll probably never work out how the schoolkids seem to spend their entire day getting to or from school but never actually seem to spend any of their time there.

This is because I’m moving this weekend.  I’m heading closer to the river, to the neighbouring suburb of Putney.  Putney’s probably best known for being the starting place of the Boat Race, and like Wimbledon it has both train and Underground transport options.  It has all the amenities: supermarkets, a good library, a Waterstones bookshop.  (It only lacks Wimbledon’s Uni-Qlo Japanese clothing outlet, which is a drawcard). 

The room I’m moving into is spacious and the flatmates are amiable.  It’s only a two month short-term lease because one of their friends is moving in in September and they need someone to fill the gap.  This suits me fine, because by September I’ll be in a new job (hopefully!) and then I decide if I should stay in Putney or move elsewhere to be closer to work.  Who knows – perhaps if I’m lucky I’ll find another place back in Wimbledon?

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