30 December 2009

A multitude of reflections

I was walking along Piccadilly the other day on the way back to the Tube at Green Park when I noticed the recently installed artwork by Anish Kapoor in the courtyard of the splendid Royal Academy of Arts.  Entitled Tall Tree and the Eye, the 76 shiny spheres show off a multitude of reflections of the lovely courtyard of Burlington House, the home of the RA since 1867.  According to Kapoor,

This work is, in a way, a kind of eye which is reflecting images endlessly […] There is nothing heavy or imposing about it, but there is something quite improbable. You cannot tell how it has been put up and that is part of its mystery and dignity.

Viewing this 15 metre-high sculpture should definitely be on your agenda if you’re passing through the area.



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